An Exciting New Award is Here!

As one of the UK’s best known Digital Awards, we have long held the belief that the internet is a force for good and these awards sit front and centre of our work, which supports and nurtures initiatives using digital technology for good.

Last year we had 8 categories of awards: Excellence Award, Best Employer Award, Innovation & Growth Award, Green Award, Commitment to the Community Award, Rising Star Award, Best Small Business Award and Best Medium Sized Business Award. You can read more about these awards here.

This year we have a new award category: Best Mobile Phone Repairs & Accessories in London & the South

Smartphone repairs in LondonThe main judging criteria are:

  1. Range of Services
  2. Value for Money
  3. Customer Friendly
  4. Speed of Service
  5. Customer Ratings
  6. Repair Warranty
  7. Unique Services

We have assembled a special committee of industry experts to assess the entrants, including the CEO of top iPhone information website Itsaboutiphone and Head of Smartphones at TWM Mobile software.

There were so many entries to this category it was a big job to assess all of the companies but after careful deliberation, they found their winner: Square Repair based in London. Have a look at their website here and you will see how they excelled in meeting all of our criteria.

Our committee was particularly impressed with their rapid repair service for iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 broken screens, providing both a while-you-wait service and mail-in service.

That’s it for the winner of smart phone repairs in London, but what about mobile phone accessories? Again, after careful consideration, the judges had to go with Wrappz based in Kent. Although they are in a Kent location, they deliver throughout the UK and worldwide.

Wrappz are a clear winner in our eyes due to their quick despatch time, range of products and they even prepare for new phones that will be released later in the year, including accessories for the iPhone 8 & iPhone 8 Plus. See more here.

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